Merlak Probiotic Drops – A Healthy Digestive Supplement


  • 800 times stronger than natural yoghurt
  • helps combat the negative effects of antibiotic use
  • can help treat diarrhoea
  • easy to use and store.
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Probiotics help to re-establish healthy gut flora which is essential for overall health. Your gut is populated by friendly and unfriendly bacteria.  Friendly bacteria keeps you healthy and active. Unfriendly microbes in the gut can cause problems such as fatigue, depression, joint pain, and acne.

Merlak Probiotic Drops are 800 times stronger than natural yoghurt.

Why do we need to add or replace good bacteria in our digestive system?

The use of antibiotics and some foods cause bad bacteria to grow out of control in some people. The modern diet lacks nutrients and fermented foods and is high in sugar, processed meats, unhealthy fats, and other substances that alter our gut chemistry. The balance of intestinal flora also influences factors involved in food intolerances.

Probiotics aid the growth of healthy bacteria and help improve our health.

Developed by microbiologists in UCD, Ireland. Merlak is an Irish product designed to improve the gut flora particular of people living in this part of the world.

*store in the fridge

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Weight 150 g

30ml, 50ml


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