I'm obsessed with helping my clients achieve
the transformation in their health they have been praying for.

I set up my Bia Beo (food of life) practice in 2014. I have worked with countless amazing individuals to get their health and life back on track. I started to notice how supporting gut health had a profound effect on my clients improvement. This started my fascination with the gut, and paved the way for the development of my 5 step plan for improved gut health. My holistic approach has proved successful time and time again, resolving persistent skin problems, chronic stomach issues and balancing hormones.

My Journey so far


Happily pursuing my education & Career in photography


Drastically changing my career path and commencing studies in holistic nutrition after my mind had been blown from a Detox seminar I went to. This coincided with a family member needing full time care at home.


Set up my nutrition practice in Dublin 2, and called it Bia Beo, which is Irish for Food of Life. The name represents everything I wanted my business to be.

My obsession with natural remedies and food as medicine was
insatiable, I needed to know more


I started my journey to become a Herbalist. I studied with Nikki Darrel in her magical herbal school in Co. Cork. I remember feeling like I had just walked into Hogwarts that first day I arrived! Just magical, no other words.


I went to bali and got engaged!


Graduated from herbal school! Ready to fold in this amazing skill to my practice to better serve my clients.


I got married in krakon! and travelled around Italy, France & Spain on honeymoon.


Finished up a herbal apprenticeship with Nikki Darrell in Co. Cork


Bought my house!! A dream come true! My Businesss was thriving, I Opened up a secound location.


The ultimate snow day. who knew it was going to last 2 years! I moved my business online.

I'm on a relentless quest for knowledge, fuelled by an insatiable drive to
master my craft. My goal is to enhance my expertise to uplift more
people seeking my guidance


Back at it again I enrol in an Honours Degree in nutritional Therapy


I give birth to my baby boy just a few weeks after handing in my dissertation!


Starting my practice again after maternity leave & re-connecting with my clients and my passion for natural healing

my values

I believe that everyone has the right to be connected with
their own body and to heal naturally.

My passion is helping people connect with their body
again and feel empowered to maintain their health.

I believe in the power of the human body to heal and the
medicine of plants and our food to support this healing.

Education & qualification

kingdom College of Natural Health
diploma in Holistic Nutrition

The Irish institute of Nutrition Health
Clinical Training

Colaiste Luibheanna
Diploma in Herbal Medicine

The plant Medicine School
Herbal apprenticeship

Institute for Optimum nutrition, london &
University of portsmouth, London
(Hons) bachelor of Science in Nutritional Therapy


Green Path Herb School, USA
Natural Birth Control & Fertility Care

Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London
Natural Fertility

Dr. Jason Hawrelek
Holistic Approach to SIBO

Benjamin Brown
Nutritional Gastroenterology


NTOI – Nutritional Therapists of Ireland

IRH – Irish Register of Herbalists

I can't wait to help you transform your health

What My Clients Say

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