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Ready to live joyfully and vibrantly?

Armed with good nutrition and handy herbs, you could step into your boldest life, fully healed and free from gut grumbles.

Say Goodbye to Digestive Woes, Skin Struggles, and Hormonal Imbalances with Gut Health Specialist in Dublin.

I'm here to guide you towards a life free from these frustrating and persistent health issues. Say farewell to overwhelm, confusion, and despair, and get ready to be uplifted, motivated, and in control of your own body. Imagine feeling truly connected to your body, filled with joy for life. That's what awaits you on this unmissable journey with me. Say goodbye to digestive problems, hello to clear, vibrant skin, and welcome hormonal balance. Your transformation begins now.

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I'm Rachael Jordan

I’m a Nutritional Therapist & Registered Herbalist with a passion for gut health and natural approaches to healing.

Want to banish digestive problems, resolve skin issues and have happier hormones? Your in the right place!

I understand the frustration of enduring years of gut and skin problems without a satisfactory resolution. It's disheartening to receive a diagnosis of IBS and be left feeling helpless. And relying on medication with side effects or constantly worrying about social situations involving food. It's time to break free from these limitations!

Here's the exciting news: You have more options than you may realise. You don't have to accept a life filled with daily discomfort and restricted social interactions. There is a way to reclaim your health and vitality, and I'm here to show you the path.

As a woman, I understand the desire for alternatives to the pill when it comes to managing skin issues. Why settle for a solution that merely masks the problem, potentially affecting your fertility in the long run? You deserve a better, more effective approach that embraces and harnesses the power of your incredible life-giving hormones.

Featured on Best In Ireland Blog In The List Of Top Naturopaths in Dublin

The Bia Beo Transformation Programme is the answer you've been looking for to finally resolve your gut health issues once and for all. Get the support and guidance you need for lasting results. Come away feeling more connected and confident in your body.

Work With Me

Holistic Health Consultation

Clear the confusion and gain clarity on the steps you need to implement, to start resolving your current health issues

Work with me one to one in a 75min consultation where we will uncover the root cause of your health struggles and devise an appropriate treatment plan to follow, along with some personalised herbal remedies and recommended supplements.

Transformation Programme

Get the support you need to make a lasting change in this 12 week support programme.

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you know what you need to do to turn your health around but you just need someone to help you stay on track? Or are you feeling totally lost and don’t even know where to start? Then this is the programme for you! It’s like having me in your pocket every step of the way.

Bia Beo Detox Programme

Press the reset button. Dust off the cobwebs and feel yourself again.

Join me for a personalised 6 week cleanse for body, mind and spirit. Get back on track with your health goals and feel deeply connected with yourself again, gaining balance once again.

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