"I am so happy with the results achieved following Rachael's recommendations and remedies! She helped me get over 5 years of severe digestion issues in about 6 months following her treatment and guidance after trying multiple conventional treatments without success over the years. I really enjoy our consultations, she's very diligent and kind, couldn't recommend more :)"

- Karol Manenti

"I have been seeing Rachael for several months now and it simply changed my life! I went primarily to her because of skin issues- rosacea on my cheeks- and digestion problems. But answering her very thorough questionnaire and questioning my lifestyle, I realized I needed much more help than I thought. She helped me see how much changing my habits and food I eat have an impact on my skin, my digestion but also my moods, my energy and my mindset... After a few months, I feel like a new person with new energy and less sadness in me... and a much better skin! She taught me so many things I want to keep learning about. She really takes her time with you and makes you feel like you are her only patient. I can only recommend her: she’s supportive and knowledgeable. It feels good after the dermatologists and other practitioners I saw who didn’t help at all."

- Julie Thouément

My experience has been top notch - highly recommend the best gut-healing practitioner in Ireland!

Hitesh Singh

"Rachael is awesome. She puts in the effort to understand the issues you're experiencing and comes up with very doable changes. She was super fast in getting back to me with the results of my food intolerance testing, plus offering complete info on alternatives, so I won't feel overwhelmed. I highly recommend her!"

- Mika von Miau

"Racheal is a very professional and knowledgeable nutritionist and herbalist. She really cares about her client and wants to help. She keeps in touch with me regulary ensuring that I'm happy with my progress. She is still adding to her qualifications and attending new courses which is great. I can't recommend Rachael and Bia Beo more !"

- Agata Nowak

"Having suffered extreme fatigue for the last 4 years I was at the end of my tether when a friend recommended Rachael. I had spend thousands on consultants, scans, scopes, you name it I’d done it. That was last October. Roll on 6 months and I’m a new woman. Rachael identified an intolerance to dairy and eggs, who would have thought it. With Rachaels help, kindness, advice, recipes and herbal remedies to help my gut I embarked on a new way of eating. I do not feel deprived at all, in fact it’s opened up a whole new range of foods to me that I had never tried before. There was no judgement and she made me feel like I was her only patient!!! Thank you Rachael, how lucky was I to find you??"

- Liz Barry

"Rachael was very approachable, professional and caring. I had dermatitis skin issues on my hands for a very long time. After several visits to doctors and dermatologists and without any positive results using creams I contacted Rachael. Food intolerant test showed up egg and dairy, which I avoided during the time I took herbal remedy, that was blended specifically for my health issues. Today I am totally free from dermatitis, haven’t had it since then, and it’s the best ever! I’m back eating both dairy and eggs without any issues. I was recommended to take flaxseed oil daily which I do (most days) and my skin is remarkable, my face is glowing. Apart from getting rid of my skin issues, the herbal remedy made me feel especially great. Anyone should treat themselves by looking after their health. A little comes a long way. I would definitely go back to Bia Beo with any health issues or concerns."

- Sofie Gustafsson

"I can highly recommend Bia Beo to anyone who is willing to heal or simply just wish to adapt to a healthier way of eating. Two years ago after being on strong antibiotics and steroids, I started developing all sorts of allergies and skin irritations, which has driven me absolutely mad as I never would have experienced anything like that in my life. Rachael's support, her skills and extensive knowledge of herbs has been undoubtedly superb. With her help I gradually reverted back to normal and shook off all the problems I was experiencing. Ever since then, I've kept up my new way of eating and also drinking Rachael's herbal teas which are truly lovely. All I can say is that anyone who decides to reach for herbal therapy, like pretty much with everything in life, must go into it with a positive, open and determined mind to achieve success. Small changes here and there in the beginning then you're laughing. Trust me, I've gone through it and if I had to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate."

- Erika

"I've been coming to Rachael for a several months by now and I couldn't recommend her services more. She is unbelievably professional and efficient. Rachael takes her time to assess you as an individual. She understands that 'the same rules' do not apply to everyone and creates an individual programme accordingly to your current needs. My lifestyle tends to be hectic and including the herbal medicine from Racheal is now a part of my everyday life. I feel more energized and have less cravings (for example my cravings for processed sugar disappeared completely)."

- Natalia Kovtanukova

"I cannot recommend Bia Beo and Rachael highly enough. She is welcoming, professional and her knowledge is endless. Initially I contacted her for a nutritional consultation, being vegan I wanted to ensure I was getting the correct balance of nutrition in my diet. I found her approach very thorough and detailed and she also highlighted so many things to look out for and extras that would be beneficial for me to include. Since my consultation I feel much more confident in my diet and feel much healthier overall. I have also tried a personalised herbal remedy and tea blends which I found excellent. I would recommend Rachael to anyone without hesitation, I'm certain they would benefit from her expertise."

- Melissa

"Thanks a million Bia Beo! I've started my consultations few months ago with Rachael, she is a very good nutritionist, very patient giving all attention we need planning a special orientation and nutritional guide specific for my case! I Really like the tips, they are simple and usable daily. The recipes are different, nice and creative to increase and make your diet better!! I really recommend!"

- Juliana

"I have been attending Rachael's practice for a couple of months now. I find her to be very professional, extremely friendly and helps me feel at ease at each appointment. Initially I came to her with one problem but she takes everything into consideration and works with the whole body and mind to get you into good health. Only a couple of changes were made for me between each appointment therefore the whole process is attainable. I found with her help, my diet has improved and I am feeling a lot better and know what works and what doesn't, thanks to the interest and help I've received. I would recommend Bia Beo to anyone, whether they have a particular condition or just want advice on how to improve their health."

- Brí


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