Herbal Medicine - Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is an ancient form of medicine, it is a plant based medicine and is the root of all medicine we have today but in its natural state. Preparations are made using the whole plant to make tinctures, creams, infusions, decoctions, vinegars, essential oils & ointments. Different preparations allow the body to take herbs in different ways to suit each need.

It is a very gentle yet powerful healing method. It’s a great aid for people who would prefer not to take pharmaceuticals and would like to take a more natural approach to their health care.

The plants connect with us on all levels and interact with all our bodies processes. We can directly rectify any miscommunication our bodies are having with any of our bodily & mental functions in a very gentle and natural way using herbal medicine.

This plant medicine does not override the body’s  processes. Instead, it helps bring our body back into balance helping the shift into healing. It works best when we look at a person as a whole and pick the herbs that suits the person not the condition. This is the expertise you receive with a qualified Herbalist.

Herbs contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & many more amazing compounds that help our bodies to heal. They are so gentle to the body and yet so powerful, its no surprise why this ancient medicine has been passed down through generations and survived to this day.

Holistic Healing with plants and food

Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Therapy techniques make a great team for healing the body naturally. One supports the other. Herbal medicine can give immediate results where needed and nutritional therapy lays the foundation and support to keep the body healthy long term.

Herbal Medicine is a great support and healing method for many chronic and stubborn conditions such as skin disorders, hormonal issues, infertility and even cancer. It is also an invaluable aid in acute conditions such as colds & flu and a more logical alternative to antibiotics in most cases.

Nutrition is the foundation of good health and herbs are the helper. Natural herbs give us the boost that we need to get us through tough times.

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