Gut Healing Consultation

The Gut is the seat of our immune system

It can be said that most illnesses begin in the gut. We are finding out more and more just how big a role the gut plays in our health. There is scientific research coming out on a daily basis with new and wonderful discoveries on this subject. It is exciting and promising for the possibilities of the far reaching healing that can be obtained when we focus on the gut and learn how to support this delicate ecosystem for the benefit of our health. The gut effects all aspects of our health, starting with the digestive system and reaching right up to our brain and touching on everything in between. Because it is so closely tied to our immune system there is strong evidence that shows autoimmune conditions originating in the gut, and studies have shown great improvements to autoimmune conditions when working with the gut. 

Leaky Gut, Leaky Skin, Leaky Brain

One of the main issues which seems to be involved with developing certain health issues seems to be effected by the health of the gut lining. The gut lining is our barrier protecting our body from the contents of our gut. When this barrier is compromised toxins can start to pass through into our blood stream and nervous system and play havoc on our immune responses. This leaky gut can be caused by food intolerances, antibiotic use, medications, stress, infections, bacterial overgrowths and poor diet. Depending on the person, this leaky gut situation can effect people in different ways. It can produce severe digestive disturbances in in a lot of cases, but can also be the cause of persistent skin issues and mental health issues. Our brain and our gut are connected by an extensive network of neurons and a highway of chemicals and hormones that constantly provide feedback to one another and directly effect each other. When your stressed your gut feels it immediately. 

The Consultation

The Gut Healing consultation is holistic in its approach and based on the latest scientific findings. We use a combination of Nutritional TherapyHerbal Medicine, Probiotics, Prebiotics and other gut-healing nutrients along with lifestyle changes to achieve our goals. A food intolerance test can also be helpful with this process. You can add this to your consultation with the Bia Beo practice or if you have already had a test done previously you can submit your results when booking your appointment.

We strongly recommend availing of our 12-week transformation programmes for chronic and long-term gut issues.

We recommend stool test analysis as part of the Gut Healing Consultation for best results. We work with a U.K lab called Invivo for diagnostics. The gut screening test we use is GI EcologiX and you can avail of a 15% discount when enrolled on our programmes. We pass on this savings to our clients instead of taking commission as we really believe in the benefit of having this test done to better serve our clients and get the most out of the programme. Once you have booked your appointment you will be given details on how to avail of this discount.

Stool testing is like taking a snap shot of the current state of the gut. its a great tool to have, to know exactly what’s going on within the gut. It will show the balance of your beneficial bacteria vs bad bacteria, any parasites, H. Pylori, overgrowths of yeasts & moulds such as Candida and can show markers indicating SIBO and leaky gut. With all this information it allows us to be very direct and purposeful with your specific treatment plan to re-balance what is needed.

If you have been suffering for a long time with a chronic health issue and have tried everything to no avail, this could help shed light on what’s going on within the body that might be the cause of preventing healing taking place. These are all very important considerations when dealing with any chronic skin issue or severe digestive issues and any other persistent or severe health condition. To work on healing the gut is making sure the foundation of our immune system is working as it should

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