August 21, 2018 BY Rachael Jordan

When your body has a positive acidic balance, you may experience symptoms such as fatigue, arthritis, indigestion, acidic stomach, ulcers, headaches, insomnia, nervous tension, and osteoporosis. Chronic acidity speeds up the ageing process and causes tissue degeneration.

A diet of predominantly fresh vegetables and small amounts of fresh fruit, with smaller amounts of whole grains and protein, promotes alkalinity. Diets high in meat, processed foods, or excessive carbohydrates create acidity.

It is best to consume 80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods.

The following Alkaline Foods list is based on the research of Alkaline Diet pioneer, Dr Young. This list reflects the effect these foods have on the body and shows if they are acidic forming or alkaline forming after they are consumed. Some charts determine acidity or alkalinity on the food before it is consumed whereas others, including this one, are based on the effect the food has on the body’s pH levels after it has been consumed.

Alkaline Foods


It might come as a surprise that fruits are acid forming. This is because of their high sugar content. We advise you keep fruit to a minimum if possible. But you don’t have to avoid it completely. A piece or two of fruit per day as part of a balanced diet is fine.

Lemons & Limes have a low sugar content and are alkaline-forming in the body.


Staying properly hydrated is probably the most important element of the alkaline diet. Not just any water will do! Tap water is actually mildly acidic in most areas with a low pH and traces of pesticides, heavy metals, fluoride and other nasties.

Highly filtered and re-mineralised water is best. I recommend the Eva water filtration system. Most cost effective way of obtaining clean mineral-rich water. This filter has recently been taken over by French & German company and is now called Yve filter.

list of ph alkaline foods

acidic foods list

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