Bia Beo -

Food Of Life

Food for the Soul, Food for the Body, Food for the Mind

Bia Beo is a holistic health practice founded by Nutritional Therapist & Herbalist Rachael Jordan in 2014. The Bia Beo practice supports people on their journey of healing. With Rachaels knowledge, experience and passion for natural healing she helps guide her clients through the fog of confusion surrounding food choices, the cause of their symptoms, and the best plan of action to take for their particular issues. The aim is to help people get to know their own body and what works best for them.

The Bia Beo practice focuses on all aspects of a persons being to bring nourishment to the mind, body & soul. Everything in this life can feed us and nourish us; what we do, what we think & feel, and what we put into our body. The plants and foods we choose to use are alive and give us life force energy, effecting our mind, body & spirit.


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