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Your here because your searching for the answers to resolve your gut health issues. You may be suffering with stomach problems, skin concerns or hormonal imbalances. You have tried lots of different treatments to no avail and your feeling lost and hopeless.

This is where I can step in and help you banish these issues once and for all.

I’m passionate about helping my clients resolve their stomach problems, heal their skin and balance their hormones naturally and effectively. It brings me so much joy to support you on your journey of healing and see the transformation at the end. To see my clients happy and healthy and buzzing with the results they have achieved just lights me up!

Get the support you need

Holistic Health Consultation

This is for you if you want a once off in depth consultation with some follow up appointment when needed

Transformation Programme

This is for you if you want an all inclusive package with ongoingsupport for 12 weeks.

Herbal Remedy Consultation

This is for you if you would like to try
a herbal tonic personalised for you
to treat a simple health concern naturally.

BiaBeo Organic Herbal Tea

This is for you if you love herbal tea! My organic herbal tea blends are my joy! This has been a passion project of mine over the years. I was looking to create blends that not only provided medicinal benefit but also tasted great!

Food Intolerance Testing

This is for you if you want to find out what foods are causing you problems at the moment and have a full consultation
and be given a plan to follow.

Bia Beo Detox Programme

This is for you if you want to follow a tried andbtested 6 week cleanse with check in call for guidance and support, and personalised herbal remedies.

Gut Health Nutritionist & Herbalist, located in Dublin, Ireland. Online Appointments

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