August 6, 2018 BY Rachael Jordan

“Rachael was very approachable, professional and caring. I had dermatitis skin issues on my hands for a very long time. After several visits to doctors and dermatologists and without any positive results using creams I contacted Rachael. Food intolerant test showed up egg and dairy, which I avoided during the time I took herbal remedy, that was blended specifically for my health issues. Today I am totally free from dermatitis, haven’t had it since then, and it’s the best ever! I’m back eating both dairy and eggs without any issues. I was recommended to take flaxseed oil daily which I do (most days) and my skin is remarkable, my face is glowing. Apart from getting rid of my skin issues, the herbal remedy made me feel especially great. Anyone should treat themselves by looking after their health. A little comes a long way. I would definitely go back to Bia Beo with any health issues or concerns.”

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