August 6, 2018 BY Rachael Jordan

“I can highly recommend Bia Beo to anyone who is willing to heal or simply just wish to adapt to a healthier way of eating. Two years ago after being on strong antibiotics and steroids, I started developing all sorts of allergies and skin irritations, which has driven me absolutely mad as I never would have experienced anything like that in my life. Rachael’s support, her skills and extensive knowledge of herbs has been undoubtedly superb. With her help I gradually reverted back to normal and shook off all the problems I was experiencing. Ever since then, I’ve kept up my new way of eating and also drinking Rachael’s herbal teas which are truly lovely. All I can say is that anyone who decides to reach for herbal therapy, like pretty much with everything in life, must go into it with a positive, open and determined mind to achieve success. Small changes here and there in the beginning then you’re laughing. Trust me, I’ve gone through it and if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate.”

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